Date & Time

This program is offered Friday December 14th from 4:00-6:00 pm.


Foodie Friends will be held at
18 Reasons: A Community Food Space to Learn, Think, Do.
3674 18th Street, San Francisco.

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This 2-hour group therapy session offers both speech and occupational therapy with individualized adaptations and support provided to each participant. The group therapy rate for this 120-minute session is $125 per child.

Scholarships available by Inspire To Do.

Refund Policy

If withdrawing after December 7th, we reserve the right to charge a $35 processing fee.

About Foodie Friends

Foodie Friends is designed to give children with special needs the skills and tools for independence with mealtimes in a therapeutic, social group setting out in our community. Foodie Friends: Therapeutic Cooking Club is supported by Inspire To Do and 18 Reasons to build community and accessibility around healthy, local food.

We are an OT/Speech program emphasizing independence with instrumental activities of daily living, social and communication skills.

Goals addressed in group

  • Motor skills for increased functional cooking skills and safety
  • Stretches and exercises to improve hand strength and dexterity, midline crossing, core control and bilateral coordination
  • Communication skills for collaborating with peers around a project
  • Sequencing and problem solving
  • Facilitating conversation with peers

A professional cooking instructor will lead the group with individualized speech and occupational therapy adaptations and support provided to each participant.

Skills presented will prepare each child to make functional gains in the cooperative kitchen and mealtime activities.

Criteria for Participation

  • Children ages 5-9
  • May require adaptations/modifications to complete 2-handed tasks
  • Cooperative in a group setting
  • Child is able to pay attention to instruction and willing to follow through to instruction
  • Have a desire to prepare food for themselves and others!

Therapy Team

Occupational Therapy will bring expertise in the areas of sensory integration, arm/hand use, adaptive equipment and environmental modifications.

Speech-language therapy will bring expertise in the areas of sequencing, making conversation with peers. Skills needed for verbal problem solving, collaborating with peers around a common goal and asking and answering questions will be addressed.

For More Info

For more information about Foodie Friends and to register, please call 415-745-2507.